Visiting Santa Claus - Helsinki


On our way back from Poland, we've chosen to have a long stopover at Helsinki so that we can visit the city without any hassle.

Having landed there, we were greeted by pretty sunny but cold weather. However we could expect that - it's autumn already in the end.

We took a bus from the airport to the city center and then walked around the nearby picturesque streets. The city center is pretty small so there was no need at all to take any other transport than our feet.

Our first goal was to find a place for lunch and we tried heading towards a restaurants that was recommended in one of the guides, but it turned out to be closing after lunch already. So we roamed back and found a nice place named Salutorget that serves, among other items, this: Broiled Arctic char with beetroot risotto and truffle sauce. It was amazing, to say the least.

After that we just continued to walk around the center, took a few photos at the Senate Square, waterfront area, Hakasalmenpuisto part at Töölönlahti bay as well as picturesque streets in the evening lights.

Posted By:Grezor