Kuching: Caves


Day #3 in Kuching. Plan for the day - check out the caves (Wind Cave and Fairy Cave). This one we booked thru the hotel reception, we were picked up timely at 8:45AM and took around 1h ride to the caves area. The first one that we visited - Wind Cave - didn't offer much, but it was an interesting experience of a very dark and full of bats cave. After quick walk around, we went to the other one -Fairy Cave - that surprised us positively. Huge area of picturesque space, pretty bright so no need to carry any light, steep stairs and great views. That's the summary.

As an extra bonus, one of the folks from our group got a bit tired and was having difficulty with keeping his breakfast intact. Well, happens. But why next to us? :)
The view was amazing though and we ventured around the cave for quite some time


Having spent few hours in the caves, we found a source of local happiness - Tuak! Our driver helped us to buy this specialty and... a plastic bottle of 1.5l didn't make it till we were back to hotel. So we went out to look for more ;-)


After awesome trip, need to go back home. We should be back though to explore Bako in a slower pace as well as try the Kayaking again.

Posted By:Grezor