Kuching: Bako National Park


Another trip to Borneo, but this time with a group of friends and visiting the capital of Sarawak - Kuching.
It was a long weekend so we managed to spend several days there, enjoying the nearby Bako National Park, kayaking in the rain and exploring huge caves. It was a tiring few days, but the effort was worth it.

The first day, after arrival at 1AM and quick nap, we woke up early and took a 40-mins cab ride to a boat terminal that is the only way into the park.
We spent a tiring 6 hours there, hiking, admiring the view, checking out the Tajor Waterfall and Tajor beach. After that - almost running back to manage to catch our return boat, as it's waiting for us till 5PM only (expected come back is 4PM, after that there's an extra charge).
To keep the story short - more photos below.

Posted By:Grezor