Krakatau Volcano


For the Chinese New Year we initially planned to visit Boracay again, but due to quite expensive flights we decided to postpone it. Our next choice was Borobudur, however it also didn't work for the same reason. In the end, the decision was made to visit Krakatau (Krakatoa) volcano, or rather it's newly emerging and active peak, as the "original" Krakatau was destroyed during it's eruption in 1883.
We booked our flight first and then the tour organized by Krakatau Tours run by Mr Roman. It turned out to be an excellent choice and we spent 2 great days at Krakatau, accompanied by our guide Apoy and the boat crew of two. All of them very friendly and helpful, highly recommended choice.

Having arrived in Jakarta (bring for visa on arrival if you need one), we were taken to a 160 km away Carita where our boat ride could start. After breakfast we boarded the boat and in around 1 hour we reached Anak Krakatau.

First things first, so we climbed it as far as it was safe without inhaling too much of sulfur-smelling fumes. Overall a nice experience of climbing an active volcano that has just had an eruption 2 days before. We climbed thru some magma rocks, sulfur and black sand, with an everywhere present smell of sulfur. The volcano was peaceful when we were there, just constantly releasing a lot of smoke


Having experienced that we came back down to the beach area for lunch. Our tent was already setup and we could just enjoy the empty island, with birds singing and waves bashing on the black sand beach.


What to do next? Snorkeling. Apparently it's one of the best places for snorkeling and surely the best we've seen so far. Plenty of fish, live corals, lobsters, crabs, etc etc.
This is basically what we did for the remaining time that day and the next day - going around the islands of Krakatau and enjoying better and better underwater experience. Sunburns included free of charge.
What's worth mentioning is the awesome dinner prepared by Apoy, the barbecue fish was just perfect, and being able to watch the starful sky complemented that great evening.


Next day, after further snorkeling of course, we set sail back to Carita. We managed to spot a pack of dolphins on our way back, and some flying fish too.
We plan to be back in next couple of years.

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Location:Krakatau Volcano