We came, we saw, we conquered - Mount Kinabalu 4095,2m


Finally! We've reached the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Low's Peak that is 4095.2m high, overcoming the never-ending stairs, rocks, roots, stones etc.
It was an amazing feeling to reach the summit and be able to admire the astonishing view, including the sunrise above the clouds level.

We were experienced with previous attempt already and this time decided to take accommodation near the Kinabalu Park Headquarters to save time (it requires around 2h to get to the park from Kota Kinabalu) so we could start the climb very early in the morning. We had our room booked thru Kimraya tour agency whose services we usually use in KK, the hotel was just near the Park HQ - Pine Resort. It was a very peaceful place, food was ok, rooms were ok and the view at Mount Kinabalu was very nice.

Having spent a night in this beautiful place we started our climb around 7:30AM, leaded by our guide Larry (as Januarius was not available for the climb any more). It took us around 7 hours to reach Leban Rata resthouse where we enjoyed the usual delicious dinner, because everything is delicious when you're exhausted that much.


Again, our accommodation was in non-heated rooms, but this time it was handled without any problems. We slept well, woke up around 1:30AM to pack our things and headed for breakfast. After a quick one, we started our climb to the summit. The never-ending number of stairs took our energy in the darkness, but we managed to keep up with the pace of other groups. After around 700 meters, the rope started. The challenged was conquered, but it was good that we did it at night, with our torch light only. Later on, during daylight, we were surprised that we managed to climb this part without much fear. It's really not recommended if you have fear of heights :)

We reached the checkpoint as one of the last groups, rested a while and started the final exhausting ascend to reach the summit. It's all the way with rope, but actually there's not much use of it, maybe just to feel more comfortable. Finally, after 7AM we reached the summit and enjoyed magnificent views, being happy that we accomplished our goal.
Later, the way down was difficult as well, or sometimes even more difficult than the climb itself, but we were all overwhelmed with the achievement so it passed by fast.


In the end we got our certificates to prove our achievement and we headed back to Kota Kinabalu to rest one day before our next destination - Mulu.

Posted By:Grezor
Location:Mount Kinabalu