Mount Kinabalu Nov'11


We're visiting Borneo again with a mission to conquer Mount Kinabalu. This time the one and only activity is to climb the Mountain.

We've book our rooms again at Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, got all the arrangements for overnight stay in Sanctuary Lodges on the Mount Kinabalu and we were looking forward to the challenge.
The trail from the Typhoon Gate to Sanctuary Lodges is around 6 kilometers long, but with the same we need to climb to almost 3500 meters above the sea level. We started the climb around 9AM and went thru all the steep stairs and rocks in the rain forest of Mount Kinabalu.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to reach the summit, as we were a bit too slow to be allowed to go there (need to have time to come back to the Park entrance) - nevertheless it was an awesome experience with breathtaking views.


Apart from the mountain itself, there are a lot of interesting encounters on the trail, including huge pitcher plants, many squirrels, gardens of moss that look like underwater coral reef and many more.


And some more pictures of the magnificent Mount Kinabalu:


We came, we saw, we almost conquered, we'll be back!

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Posted By:Grezor
Location:Mount Kinabalu