Masuria - Urwitałt


A weekend getaway to Masuria Lakes, in Urwitałt area at Łuknajno Lake.
Wake up on Saturday morning, pack our ass-tonishments into Tomek's off-road vehicle (Fiat Uno) and we're on the way to Urwitałt - a small village in the area of Polish lakes.
The GPS didn't really show us the best way, so we ended up at some small dirt road thru the fields, forests and swamps. But the off-road vehicle works well in such areas.
Once we've reached the place - it was time to relax admiring beautiful nature during a sunny weekend.


Apart from admiring the beauty of Masuria nature, we've also had a chance to do kayaking in a Śniardwy Lake. Well, maybe not all as the one who cannot swim was taking photos.

The place is definitely worth visiting again (and again).

Posted By:Grezor